Paramore to mount spring concert tour

Paramore, the multimillion-selling rock group, is hitting the road for a eries of gigs in spring that would see them perform in comparitively smaller venues instead of amphitheaters or arenas tha the band generally play at.

The seventeen-city tour called Paramore: Writing the Future is made to let the group as well as its fans to move in comparatively more cozy venues. The concert tour starts on 21st April, in Georgia and it would end in Oregon on 25th May. It would include a 22nd May show at the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre at SDSU.

Is Kristen Stewart jealous of Pattinson and Twigs relationship, rumors

Recently, actor Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend FKA Twigs went public with their relationship.

Now, FKA Twigs is turning into household name becaude of her personal life. The question is the Twilight actor’s popularity helping her along.

Twigs recently declared her love for Pattinson in an interview with a leading UK based newspaper. She told that Robert is the man she loves. And the paparazzi side has nothing to do with her.

Bruno Mars rocks in Manila leg of his The Moonshine Jungle concert tour

US songwriter and singer Bruno Mars’ Saturday night gig at SM Mall of Asia Arena just lasted a bit more than an hour. Still he dazzles every spectator who was present at the show. The gig got nonstop roars of approval as well as loud sing-alongs.

The 28 year old Hawaiian music artist set the tone of the night with Moonshine, which is a mid tempo disco pop song from his 2nd album named Unorthodox Jukebox. His show was a part of his current world tour - The Moonshine Jungle.

Shakira spins the ACM Awards

On Saturday, Colombian pop singer Shakira was set to sing a duet at the Academy Of Country Music Awards with singer Blake Shelton. The thirty seven year old Latin American singer sported a sexy red carpet event before the event started in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand.

Shakira, who is known for sporting revealing dresses, was dressed in a lovely shade of green and blue material which clung to her figure from neck to her knees before blazing up to a trumpet hem across her heels.

Shoals record label finalizes digital distribution contract

Heart of Gold Records, based in Shoals, has finalized a digital music distribution contract with The Orchard, an organization which works independent record labels. The company is owned by David MacKay and Donna Jean Godchaux MacKay of Florence.

The Orchard would dole out music which was earlier released under the organization, and all of their new albums. The next release of Heart of Gold would be the Back Around from Donna Jean Godchaux Band along with Jeff Mattson. The album would be unveiled in February.

Music Television: Diddy launches Revolt

Diddy is now in attempt to create a network from the music television’s ashes. 21st October evening marks the premiere of new television channel Revolt TV by Sean Combs. The channel is starting on Comcast Xfinity television as well as Time Warner Cable in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Florida. It is expected that more cities would be added in the near future.

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga might set a record in digital sales

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga’s new singles might set a record when it comes to digital music sales number. Billboard reported that Lady Gaga's "Applause" and Katy Perry's track "Roar" are both anticipated to be at top positions in the Billboard Digital Songs list next week with as many as 400000 each or probably as many as 500000 each. If both the singers achieve the lesser of those 2 sales marks, it would be the very first time that 2 songs have debuted in a week with more than 400000 songs.

CollegeBand restores lost music

In the year 2013, college bands can distribute and keep their music via the Internet. CollegeBand, a brand new record label that is dedicated to promoting and restoring long dormant music from old college artists, targets to fill this gap. CollegeBand's founder and chief executive officer Reed Seerman conceived of the idea in the year 2008, but he did not begun working on it till 2011.

Digital Music celebrates a huge mile stone

Recently, the music business celebrated a huge milestone as it has registered its very first revenue increase since the year 1999, across the world. But it the midst of all celebration, there is one region that has failed to join the party - its Africa. Digital music, which responsible for the melioration in the industry’s brighter outlook, but it has failed to catch on most places in Africa.

But that scene may change very soon, as new international and local digital music services expand or open, suggesting that music industry investors and executives see potential for revenue.

Netherlands records biggest growth

The digital music market of Neatherlands has now registered the highest growth among all other top European markets in the year 2012. This report was made public by IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry). The important findings of the research reveals that the growth spotted in Netherlands throughout 2012 was the top most in Western Europe (i.e. +66%).

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